50 feet (15 meter)electric scissor lift

The 50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift is compact and suitable for use in crowded locations. The 50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift can be transported by lift. The highest working height is 7.8m; equipped with non-marking rubber tires, pit hydraulic protection device, tilting and lowering alarm bell; anti-slip and grilled 91cm long extension platform increases the operating space, and at the same time easy to see the ground obstacles; Simply turn the chassis frame, single-handle full-scale joystick control system, dual front-wheel drive, and slow-speed driving function. When parking, the two-wheel hydraulic lock is driven by the battery.50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift In addition to its size, dead weight and working platform size, it has a large load and is battery powered. The 50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor maintenance and repair work. It has a single handle operation and good stability. The 25% grade design makes it more capable of climbing. The wide platform is more convenient to lift when loading raw materials and tools.

50 feet 15 meter electric scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity:300kg-500kg 

Max. Lifting Height:50 foot (15 meter)

Grade ability:



4ps battery


50 feet (15 meter)electric scissor lift manufacturer:

DFLIFT has branches in various countries and is responsible for sales and technical services in the region. 50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift currently customers all over the world, J50 feet (15 meter) electric scissor lift is widely used in hotel, building, shopping center and other building maintenance and cleaning, various industrial manufacturing plants, airports, shipyards, Working at heights in ports, aerospace and other fields.

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