10 feet (3 meter) electric scissor lift

10 feet (3 meter) electric scissor lift has self-propelled and stationary type . The self-propelled is small and convenient. People can stand freely on the platform and can be used indoors or outdoors. There are no problems with two people standing on top. Many mural enthusiasts and factories like to buy our 10 feet (3 meter) electric scissor lift. Mural lovers can stand on top of the painting and be safe and reliable. Equipment repairs in the factory, 10 feet (3 meter) electric scissor lift will be very convenient, the traditional ladder is very unsafe. 10 feet (3 meter) stationary electric scissor lift can be used for cargo lifting. It is very convenient to use and can lift goods from the first floor to the second floor. We can install 10 feet (3 meter) stationary electric scissor lift in the pit, which also saves space.

3 meter 10 feet mini electric scissor lift:

3 meter 10 feet mini electric scissor lift

3 meter 10 feet mini electric scissor lift:

Rated Loading Capacity: 300kg

Max. Lifting Height: 3-5.8m

Lift Drive / Actuation:

Electric hydraulic Motor





Power supply: battery

3 meter 10 feet stationary scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity: 500kg-40ton

Max. Lifting Height: 3000mm

Type: Electric hydraulic

Power supply: three-phase alternating current

Table size: specified by customer

10 foot (3 meter) scissor lift for sale:

  1. Platform protection: guardrail type, protective net type
  2. 2.Platform door: hanging chain, split type
  3. 3.Platform countertop: anti-slip tread plate, steel plate
  4. Guide wheels and guide rails for making the elevator run more stable
  5. Four high-strength steel fixed derricks ensure operation: stronger and safer
  6. The shear arm is made of high-strength manganese steel: high strength and no deformation, ensuring long-term safety.
  7. 7.Derrick door: opening and closing, folding, push-pull, etc. (optional)
  8. The finishing pin is 45# carbon round steel with high strength and good wear resistance.

          9.Travel switch, intermediate relay with Schneider France

  1. 10.External power supply for easy maintenance
  2. Multi-point control at all working levels for easy operation
  3. 12. Electric power or target operation button
  4. Lifting platform operation warning light or warning bell (optional)
  5. Safety switch that closes the lifting platform circuit when the door is opened
  6. Equipped with emergency descent device when power is off








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